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Bournemouth Council

Bournemouth Council

Ontrac have been working with Bournemouth Borough Council for nearly two years providing fostering recruitment services.

While we have delivered this service for more than 15 local authorities, we can never assume a one-size-fits-all approach and for Bournemouth, one of their challenges is they are a relatively small authority with a finite budget, competing with a large number of private agencies.

Our first task was to develop a brand for them to compete with all these private agencies, which we did producing a suite of literature which has been used for initial information, shows and sending out in distributions. We then devised a marketing plan showing a programme of phased activity for the year, as we are all aware of the ongoing nature of this type of recruitment.

To date, we have received a large number of enquiries and the team have been able to recruit significantly more carers than they have in the past, though they still need more. We are currently entering negotiations for a third year.


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