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Powys Schools

Powys Schools

Our websites for local schools are becoming a bit of a phenomenon. We started with Ysgol Llanbrynmair, a tiny village school in the hills of Powys – they were delighted with our work, and once the site went live, the news spread faster than an outbreak of nits – it seemed like all the schools in the locality wanted one too.

Very understandable, we’d like to think, as we introduced a charm and a contemporary, cartoon-like feel – a new and exciting look with a bit of an edge – a look to which the pupils could truly relate. Subsequently, we have worked on many other school websites, each with its own set of little visual twists and design nuances, giving each one its own brand, its own individuality and sense of place in the locality.

We’ve been approved and awarded gold stars by the teachers too – not only for the appearance of our websites, but for their excellent functionality. Well done, Ontrac!


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