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Shropshire Adoption

Shropshire Adoption

Working alongside Shropshire Council, Ontrac have been providing marketing consultancy and branding services for over a decade.

We were asked to produce material which had strong messaging and branding but was sensitive to the subject matter of adoption. Using vibrant colours and emotive straplines, Ontrac developed a brand initially in a cerise pink and which, like any brand, has evolved over the years.

When Ontrac took on the recruitment of potential adopters, we were asked to create a brand which alluded to fostering, but also had to stand alone and include not just Shropshire Council’s branding but that of Telford & Wrekin Council, with whom Shropshire deliver their adoption service. Working with both authorities, Ontrac devised a brand that both authorities could use and which was carried through on brochures, websites and display materials – all produced by Ontrac.


Branding, Design & print, Email marketing, Fostering & adoption recruitment, Web development

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